M.2 NVMe Durability DWPD list compared

M.2 NVMe Durability DWPD list compared

which SSD for QNAP system pool

Having purchased the QNAP TS-h973AX – after watching many of your reviews on ebay -and fitting it with 4 x 8tb Seagate Exos drives – I came across the recommendation by QNAP to set up the system storage pool on SSD and in particular they recommend using the faster u.2 NVME rather than the SATA ssd which would then be used possibly for caching
So I am looking to purchase two u.2 NVME’s to fit into the 973AX but in that form factor they are hard to come by and relatively expensive – the Kingston DC1500M 960GB seems to be one of the only ones available at my budget point of £225
Then I came across your review of the Qnap QDA-U2MP – unfortunately no one has the U2MP – only the single slot UMP is available at £50 or so
There is an alternative Icy Box which looks very similar with an aluminium body and supplied heatsink for the SSD at £35 which I think I will use if I can find a suitable m.2 NVME to put in it
I will be using the QNAP for backups of business data (which currently is mainly in the cloud), a plex server (with no/little transcoding required), and virtual machines
So finally the question – which m.2 NVME would be suitable
I like the look of the Seagate Firecuda 510 1TB at £108 which makes each drive with the Icy box a cost of £143 compared to the Kingston at £225 – a good saving for the two drives of £164
But if you recommend something like the Seagate Ironwolf 510 at £200 or so, I may as well keep it simple and use the Kingston ?? – if they are of similar quality
Other than that there is too much to choose from and too many statistics to look at – WD Red SN700 £172, Crucial P5 Plus £157, WD Black SN850 £140, Samsung 970 Evo £188 etc etc
I have no idea what to do and your advice in pointing me in the right direction will be most appreciated
This is all new to me and I am not sure what qualities of the M.2 NVME’s are important for the expected uses to which the QNAP will be put


Yes, there are U.2 SSD available and there is an option for single or dual NVME M.2 converters from Qnap and other vendors. Ready built U.2 might seem more expensive because they often use better quality SSD inside. Similar to Ironwolf nvme or Toshiba nvme.
But if you have no intentions to enable caching on U.2 then you can get a cheaper NVMe with lower durability. Caching usually wears out SSD faster than simple storage and therefore DWPD is often >0.6.

DWPD Rating
Seagate IronWolf 525 – 0.7 DWPD

Seagate IronWolf 510 –   0.9-1.0 DWPD
Seagate Firecuda 530    – 0.7 DWPD

Seagate FireCuda 520  -0.9 DWPD
Seagate FireCuda 510   – 0.7 DWPD
WD Red SN700              – 1.0DWPD
WD Black SN850         – 0.3DWPD
Addlink A Series A95   -0.38DWPD
AORUS Gen4 7000s     -0.38DWPD
Patriot Viper VP4300     -0.5DWPD
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus – 0.4DWPD
Titanium Micro TH7175   – 0.3DWPD
Corsair MP600 Plus  –   0.38DWPD
Synology SNV3400    – 0.68DWPD

I hope this helps.

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