USB gen2 10Gbit DAS box

I work as a freelance composer in the UK, primarily out of my home studio – but the storage needs upgrading.

I’m looking to upgrade from my cluttered array of many external drives to a DAS unit, as I don’t need anything with NAS capabilities – as I’ll only be accessing and using the unit from one location (the studio itself).

Am looking for something I can essentially use as one big single usb capable drive (raid) that I can run everything off (projects, sampler instruments, other multimedia etc). Looking for around 30-40TB worth of storage too and was thinking of going for WD red drives.
Can be a rackmount or standing unit.

Am a little clueless, and it’s very confusing trying to narrow down on good options as I don’t know enough.
Would you be able to fire over some advice?

I would recommend Areca USB3 Enclosure ARC-8050U3-6. It comes with a built-in RAID controller which speeds things up and simplifies the process of connecting to different operating systems. It also features USB 3.0 gen2 connection delivering 10Gb/s.

Choosing drives is also an important step. WD red would be the quietest drives out there. But if you need a little bit more of the data transfer speeds then Pro drives would give you that, but it would increase the noise a bit.


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