Video NAS for streaming on laptop, desktop, Nvidia Shield TV, Apple TV 4K, Skylake Intel NUC

My goals are:
Accessing files around the house, via my laptop, desktop, Nvidia Shield TV, Apple TV 4K, Skylake Intel NUC, and others.
-Setting up RAID 1 so that I can have a drive failure without losing any data.
Watching movies in various rooms which are wired for gigabit ethernet, using players that have built-in H.265/HEVC-capable hardware.

At this point, I was able to find 12TB drives for about $38USD/TB. 10TB drives I can find for about $32.50USD/TB. 8TB drives, I can find for about $31.25USD/TB. (Searches on This makes me think that four 10TB drives, or 20TB of usable space, is my best bet.

I don’t think I need transcoding on the NAS side, since my Nvidia Shield TV, Apple TV 4K, and Intel NUC with a Skylake generation Intel processor can all easily handle 1080p or 4K HEVC video.

What are your thoughts on the type of RAID, drive size, and Synology model that would best fit my environment? I like the idea of going with the latest chassis design.

That is true, you don’t need to spend extra for a NAS with transcoding function if you stream locally and also have transcoder built inside the Nvidia Shield TV. You can easily use DS218j or DS418j for this job. You can set up RAID1 hard drive mirror on DS218j or even start with 2 or 3 drives in DS418j and add extra drives only when you need them. Having a RAID5 offers the best value for money – price per available terabyte wise. Instead of 50% storage space redundancy you use only 30% or less with RAID4 or SHR. You can also mix different size drive with Synology if you even outgrow 4 bays.

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