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Synology DS220+ or Ds218 good for my requirements? Message Body: Hello, thank you for your videos. I am looking at several NAS around my price point (less than AU$600 for the NAS + whatever it costs to get about 6-8TB storage) for the purpose of a Plex media set up, such that the files can be on the NAS and I can browse them on my 2021 LG TV. I have already ruled out the very low end NAS models because on your video for DS220j it seemed to struggle a bit, so now I am looking at: – DS220+ https://www.ple.com.au/Products/641921/Synology-DiskStation-DS220-Celeron-Dual-Core-20Ghz-2-Bay-2GB-NAS-Enclosure – DS218 https://www.centrecom.com.au/synology-diskstation-ds218-2-bay-nas-2?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI18-b_5nv8wIVmH0rCh2aag0pEAQYEiABEgL6EPD_BwE I have files mainly in avi, mp4 and mkv format – so I just want to be sure that the NAS I buy will be able to play back those files on my TV. I didn’t see any avi files in your videos so far, but I don’t want to lose the ability to play those files so I was hoping you can confirm whether they will continue to work. I used to have a WD TV box that played all of these files fine, so I’m just hoping to replace that really. I don’t have any 4K files so that is not a major concern for me. (Most files I have are 720 or less, with a few 1080) I am hopeful though (so that I can future-proof my set up), that the NAS I buy will also be able to play HEVC x265 files (not 4K), as I have some of them which up until now I haven’t been able to play because the WD TV didn’t support it. Would you be able to confirm if DS220+ and DS218 are appropriate for my requirements, or if you have any other suggestion?



Synology NAS is quite different compared to WD TV box. WD is a player and all hard work is done don’t this box. HDMI is then used to display the results.
NAS without HDMI will serve as a file server instead. TV with network connectivity (or HDMI dongle) will be able to stream original videos. The only compatibility to check is on a TV itself.
If some of the videos can not be played on that V, Synology will convert them on the fly. But I would recommend looking at Celeron based models. Realtek would not work well with Plex.

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