WD vs Synology vs Qnap

WD vs Synology vs Qnap

I need help in deciding which HD to get. After reading your article https://nascompares.com/wd-my-cloud-nas-versus-synology-qnap-nas it’s a little clearer, but not really… I need to be able to access my photos and files from both home and the store. I need to have a backup of everything, and I need it to be able to increase storage as it “ages”. We are an apple house, so it has to work with iOS. I’ve used DropBox but quickly ran out of space. I currently do not have a NAS, only an external HD that I need to plug in whenever I need to access photos which is getting annoying.
Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

All of these NAS will back up your media and other files. WD will backup your mobile devices without a need to open an app though.
Accessing your video remotely will be easier with Synology and Qnap. They have better video organising apps. But if you for WD PR series NAS with Plex installed, this would simplify this task.
The easiest to use will be Synology plus series models.
Then Qnap 53D series models
and then WD PR series models.

I hope this helps.

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