Can I connect/use WAN port as LAN port on HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro

D118 NAS to a Three 5G Hub

Hi, I am after some advice please. Looking to get rid of my talktalk broadband router/modem and switching to a Three 5G hub which is the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro

It has 2 ethernet ports on the back. Would the NAS work by connecting it to one of these ports and the other to my home PC? Would I see the NAS on my network and able to access it remotely as well?

Normally you could not use WAN port for connecting any end devices such as computers or NAS. Some routers allow changing a WAN port to LAN port in the settings.

This model is not very straightforward, but in spec sheets, it says “One Wan / Lan GE port, one Lan GE port

This indicates that you could use this port as LAN. But if you can not, you simply need to add a 5 port switch (check UK   and USA ) to the LAN port and you will gain additional LAN ports.

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