What is the fastest way to transfer big files over the internet

What is the fastest way to transfer big files over the internet

I’m moving from Sydney to Amsterdam and wanted to find a solution instead of taking all my HDD’s with me. I want to store it locally in Sydney and access it over the internet in Amsterdam.

I’m a filmmaker and work regularly with 4k video files.
Here is a breakdown of my wants.

1. Fast upload to access from Amsterdam (I’ll transcode my R3D files into smaller MP4’s)
2. When back in Sydney, I would like to use it as an external HDD with a fast read/write speed.
3. Can plug in external HDD’s into the NAS and access (if possible)
4. Hot-swappable. Thinking of starting with 3x8tb drives.

Also if you require more info I’m happy to provide.

I’m thinking of the Synology DS1618+

Yes, DS1618+ will be the cheapest model to achieve this. You will need to upgrade it to 10GbE though. You will also need a 10GbE port on your computer or 10G Thunderbolt or at least 5GbE LAN USB adapter. This way you can connect directly via fast Ethernet to copy files over. It won’t appear as an external drive but as a network drive along with your internal drives when mounted. You can also connect external drives to it via USB3. Disks will be hot-swappable. If any disk in the RAID fails, simply replace it and Synology will rebuild the data on a new disk keeping your data safe.

If you have a fast 100Mbit internet in Australian location and same in Amsterdam, then data transfer of 1TB would take several days if you are lucky.

Dropbox offers up to 100GB data transfer.

But if you have bigger size files to send to other location over the internet then you need something called Synology Presto Server. There are alternatives like GridFTP and BBFTP, but those are much slower options and are limited in several ways. Synology promises 1TB transfer to be finished in around 12hours which is quite impressive (on a Gigabit broadband). On a regular 80Mbit internet it would take around 24hours or so.

You install the Presto server on your Synology and a client on your computer. The rest of it is as easy as CTRL+C and CTRL+V.



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