How to move deleted files to recycle bin with mapped network drive – Qnap

How to move deleted files to recycle bin with mapped network drive – Qnap
Does QNAP have a built in setting where you can setup a function that if you cmd-delete something it gets moved to a Trash folder onto your drive?
And then you can periodically delete it later?

Network Recycle Bin

The Network Recycle Bin keeps the deleted files on the NAS. Within each shared folder, a dedicated folder by the name @Recycle is created after the initial QTS installation. Specify the number of days (1-180) and daily check time to keep the deleted files and older files deleted will be deleted first. You may also specify the file extensions to be excluded from the bin. Note that this feature only supports file deletion via Samba, AFP, FTP, and QNAP File Station.


Using Network Recycle Bin


To delete all the files in the bin, click “Empty All Network Recycle Bin”.
To recover deleted files from the Network Recycle Bin, right click the files in the @Recycle folder and select “RECOVER”.
To permanently delete a file in the recycle bin, right click the file in the @Recycle folder and select “Del (from recycle)”.
To empty the recycle bin for an individual shared folder, right click inside the recycle bin and select “Empty Recycle Bin”.


Restricting Access to Network Recycle Bin

The Network Recycle Bin can be configured for access by administrators only. To do so, please go to “Control Panel” > “Privilege Settings” > “Shared Folders”, click the “Property” button under “Action” for the shared folder to be configured and check “Restrict the access of Recycle Bin to administrators only for now”.


Caution: All files in the network recycle bins will be permanently deleted when files are deleted in “@Recycle” on the network share or when you click “Empty All Network Recycle Bins”. Moreover, the Network Recycle Bin feature is not supported for USB/eSATA external storage devices and virtual disk.
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