What type of SFP+ 10gbe cable /transceiver do I need?

What type of cable /transceiver do I need? Message Body: I am currently purchasing the following switch: . NETGEAR 10-Port 10G MS510TXM • The switch has 2 SFP+ ports (in addition to Ethernet ports ) ..and purchasing the following ThunderBolt 3 adapter for my PC: https://www.sonnettech.com/product/solo10g-sfp-tb3/overview.html The SonnectTech site indicates I need an LC optical cable. I need to connect the 10GB computer SFP+ adapter to the SFP+ port on the netgear switch. Do I need a transceiver for the SFP+ port on the netgear ? I think I do, but there are so many options – and if so, can you recommend which tranceiver I need for the netgear ? The distance from the machine to the switch is only about 20 feet. In summary , I’m hoping you can recommend • An LC fiber cable ? • Transceiver for the netgear swtich (if needed ) I apologize in advance. I’ve never worked with Fiber and your site came highly recommended. Thank you so much • Greg P.S. I realize Sonnettech makes a 10GB ethernet adapter version, but I purchased the SFP+ version. Just trying to figure out how to physically connect the SFP+ adapater to the Netgear swtich

Yes, this is why people go for 10gbe RJ45 option, this is much easier.
Sonnet is not telling what kind of transceiver it is. Only thing you need to make sure of is that both ends have the same transceiver.
It looks like it is this one

In the middle you use optics cable like this https://amzn.to/3zwbkdP

I would recommend choosing amazon or a shop with easy swap/return just in case it is wrong one.

I hope this helps.

Just closing the loop.

I bought the items recommended below and everything works perfectly!

I’m so happy you had some suggestions.


Thanks again!!




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