Which file storage system is best for compatibility for WIN and MAC (ios)

I have some people with apple products but my home pc is windows that I do my editing on which system is best for compatibility for win and ios


If you you a NAS as a storage device instead of directly connected external disks, you don’t need to worry about cross-platform compatibility.

Windows, Mac and Linux users can access your Synology NAS from the network once you have enabled options at Control Panel > File Services > SMB/AFP/NFS.

The following file sharing protocols are supported:

  • For Windows: SMB/CIFS (My Network Places), FTP, WebDAV
  • For Mac: SMB, FTP, AFP, WebDAV
  • For Linux: SMB, FTP, NFS, WebDAV

With SMB running the background you can offload some files from your MAC and open them on the Windows or Linux or other way round.
You can also use different protocols not just SMB.

I hope this helps.




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