Which NAS – Video Production 2 separate locations

Which NAS – Video Production 2 separate locations

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have a side business producing reality type content for a roofing company. I am not tech savvy. I have a camera guy who captures around 500 – 750 Gigs of data a week. Both he and I need to edit content. I live a 10 hour drive away from where he is located.

Essentially, I want to set up a NAS on sight where he is and one where I am and connect the two. I would like to be able to have something easy to use, something that is easy to expand, and something that will allow both of us to edit video straight from the NAS. Does this solution exist and if so, what is the best option for me.


In order to be able to collaborate effectively you should look at something with several 10GbE ports and decent Intel processor like i7. The best choice for last year has been TVS-1282 (also thunderbolt model).  You get several 10GbE as well as 1GbE ports allowing users to benefit from full bandwidth speed. The NAS filled with Pro HDD or SSD will ensure fast enough dat writing and reading speed for multi user environments.

You can also create virtual machines on this NAS so that people can also connect and work with project remotely. But you cal also connect it to your computer over the internet using Webdav function. But speed will be limited to the internet you you on both ends. You can also create vpn connection and connect to your NAS this way. But speed again will depend on your connection.

If you want something more expandable like rackmount then alternative would be TES-1885U. But it will require a server room because of its noise.

I hope this helps.

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