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Ultrafast and secure wireless connectivity for your home, office, and everything in between. Powered by Synology Router Manager (SRM), an intuitive OS built for security and performance, the Synology RT6600ax is Synology’s highest-performing and largest bandwidth router to date. Create up to 5 separate networks and 15 Wi-Fi SSIDs to distribute your devices based on their role or purpose. Alternatively, you can isolate networks or set one-way access rules to limit connectivity to and from vulnerable devices. Finally, you can integrate the RT6600ax into existing networks with full VLAN support in router, AP, and mesh configurations. In terms of hardware, the RT6600ax arrives with Tri-band Wi-Fi for easy distribution of your devices between radios, optimizing range and performance while avoiding bottlenecks. Quad-core 1.8 GHz processor for snappy management and fast connection speeds, even with multiple devices connected and all features enabled Support for the new 5.9 GHz band, resulting in more dependable high-speed networks using clearer 80 and 160 MHz channels and 2.5GbE port configurable for WAN or LAN use supports superfast internet plans or high-performance devices.



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•Fast Leadtimes •Buy now Pay Later Next Day [Yodel][Hermes] span-com-nas-experts  
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Synology RT6600ax - Tri-Band 4x4 160MHz Wi-Fi router, 2.5Gbps Ethernet, VLAN segmentation, Mult 🛈299.990 USD
Synology RT6600ax Wi-Fi Router and Synology MR2200ac Mesh Wi-Fi Router Bundle 🛈419.980 USD
Synology RT6600ax x 1 + RT2600ac x 1 🛈449.980 USD
Synology WiFi Router Bundle with WRX560 and RT6600ax Models 🛈519.980 USD


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Best RT6600ax price
When is the release date of the RT6600ax and SRM 1.3 ?



Hardware Highlights of the Synology RT6600ax Router

  • Arrives with Synology Router Manager 1.3 with new features and services included
  • Quad-core 1.8 GHz Qualcomm Processor
  • DDR3 1 GB Memory (2x 512MB on-board)
  • Tri-Band WiFi 6 Support 6600Mbs Bandwidth Potential:
  • 2.4 GHz: Up to 600 Mbps
  • 5 GHz-1: Up to 4800 Mbps
  • 5 GHz-2: Up to 1200 Mbps
  • 6 x High gain adjustable antennae (4×4 MIMO antennas)
  • 5.9Ghz / 160MHz channel Support
  • Four 1GbE (Gigabit Ethernet ports) (1x WAN 3x LAN)
  • 1x 2.5GbE LAN/WAN Port
  • Multi-Network creation in SRM 1.3 later in 2022
  • Improved DS Router Mobile Application and Browser GUI in SRM 1.3 in 2022
  • Mesh Support with future AX devices, as well as MR2200ac over 5Ghz Backhaul
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 (Type A 5Gb/s) Port supporting several SRM applications
Synology RT6600ax Router Design

What we said in our review about the Synology RT6600ax Router:

The Synology RT6600ax IS a very, very good router. So many users will never graduate from their ISP router and never understand the benefits of a premium solution, gauging the Synology RT6600ax as something of an indulgence. However, as WiFi 6 continue to rise in popularity, more client hardware arrives with 802.11ax support and adapters to upgrade towards AX wifi over PCIe and USB appear, the RT6600ax is something that family/business users are going to want to consider to monitor and customize their own networks. That said, although the hardware the RT6600ax arrives with is a big jump up compared with the RT2600ac and MR2200ac, the software is a tad less ambitious and given that SRM 1.2 will likely upgrade towards 1.3 on those legacy devices, the Synology RT6600a is less appealing as an immediate upgrade over the RT2600ac right now. Ultimately, if you were a first-time adopter of the Synology 6600ax router, you cannot fault the software and hardware right now and it more than justifies the price tag for its software alone. Add to that the increased bandwidth potential of 5.9Ghz and greater 160Mhz support and you are getting a tremendously future proof product. That said, if you are already an owner of the RT2600ac or an existing MR2200ax mesh router owner, you might find that recent improvements in virtual networks and SSID creation are not enough to justify the upgrade (unless you are already well into your WiFi 6 environment upgrade). The RT6600ax is EASILY the most powerful and capable router that Synology has ever produced and with great software to boot. Even if it is slightly overshadowed by WiFi 6E, it still stands tremendously proud in the existing prosumer router solutions in the market right now, despite its higher price tag. Robbie, 11/05/22, Read the FULL Review HERE

SOFTWARE - 10/10
PRICE - 7/10
VALUE - 8/10

👍🏻SRM is still top-notch and easily still one of the best (if not THE best) router software in the market in 2022
👍🏻2.5GbE port for your WAN or a LAN excellent (shame there is only the one though)
👍🏻Huge degree of user profile and device clustering options to create an intelligently controlled by still user-friendly network
👍🏻LAN/WAN failover Support (including with a SIM Dongle or Phone tethering)
👍🏻USB Drive Support is treated exceptionally well with several Synology NAS class applications available
👍🏻vLAN is now available
👍🏻5.9Ghz Band utilization adds a good degree of future-proofing to the device + more 160Mhz connections at one time
👍🏻I am ashamed to admit it, it is really easy on the eye!
👎🏻Mesh Support with MR2200ac still not available (planned for H2 2022)
👎🏻5.9Ghz band use is good, but client hardware uptake is still early
👎🏻A single USB Port limits the use of both an External storage drive AND 2nd mobile SIM failover connection at once
👎🏻Quite expensive given more affordable WiFi 6 routers in the market and 6E making a name for itself



Synology Software Review – Is SRM 1.3 Any Good?

What we said about SRM 1.3 in our review:

When reviewing and judging Synology Router Manager 1.3, you have to somewhat separate your feelings about Synology router hardware (the RT6600ax, RT2600ac and MR2200ac) a little. This is because, although the Synology router hardware may seem a little safe-to-middling at times vs current hardware in the market, the software they provide has always been absolute class. SRM 1.3 continues this pedigree with a user interface that manages to do the nearly unthinkable – it manages to make the process of managing your network easy and actually ENGAGING! That’s one of the biggest hurdles of managing a router and your network security in general, it’s a massive chore that is fraught with technical jargon, hurdles and screens saying ‘no’, ‘invalid’ or ‘not available’. Synology has crafted a genuinely intuitive and accessible router software system here and although a lot of that is thanks to their years in NAS software, they have certainly improved upon previous revisions in SRM too. When it comes to the features that SRM arrives with, clearly ‘Safe Access’ is one of the killer apps of the SRM 1.3. But it doesn’t stand alone and thanks to the integrations of ‘network switch’ style controls and a wide array of custom network settings, it really feels like more of a complete version in 1.3. Additions of long-overdue features such as vLAN and customs, custom SSIDs and the DS Router application’s improved layout/controls are smaller steps in SRM 1.3’s development than some would like, but with the software feeling that pinch more responsive and the layout of the controls getting tweaked to be more intuitive, that just means that SRM 1.3 is just adding polish to an already fantastic management system. Additionally, the latest generation of Synology router hardware means that new configuration options and the extent to which you can use SRM 1.3’s services have been drastically increased in time for version 1.3. At the time of writing, we are still awaiting the SRM 1.3 update to extend to the full Synology router series (thereby enabling mesh with the likes of the MR2200ac), but that shouldn’t be too long and with that, the option for SRM 1.3 to manage a grander mesh wireless network in your home/office will be hugely beneficial. In short, still highly recommend it SRM 1.3 in 2022/2023. Robbie, 11/05/22, Read the FULL Review HERE

Synology Router Manager 1.3 Review Chapters

SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, ALL Parts - HERE
SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 1, Design & Control - HERE
SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 2, Safety & Security - HERE
SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 3, Network Management - HERE
SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 4, Safe Access - HERE
SRM 1.3 Synology Router Software Review, Part 5, USB Storage Services & Conclusion - HERE 



What Are the Specifications of the Synology RT6600ax Router?

Here are the official specifications of the Synology RT6600ax Router:

  • The numbers above are for reference only. Actual performance and behavior may depend on network environment and settings
  • RT6600ax supports at least 200 connected devices concurrently transmitting data
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C (40°F to 104°F)
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C (-5°F to 140°F)
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% RH
Wi-Fi MAC Address Filter
Maximum MAC Filters 64
Maximum devices on per MAC filter 256
Seamless Roaming 802.11k/v/r standard support
Maximum Number of Wi-Fi SSID 15
Schedulable Wi-Fi
Guest Network
  • Guest Portal
  • Customized page style
  • Connection time limit
  • Password Rotation
WPS 2.0 (Wi-Fi Protected Setup 2.0)
3G / 4G Dongle & Tethering (Learn more)
Maximum Connected Devices* 200
Primary Wi-Fi Point
Recommended Maximum Number of Wi-Fi Points
  • 1 Primary + 6 Wi-Fi points (in all wireless uplink connection environment)
  • 1 Primary + 12 Wi-Fi points (in all wired uplink connection environment. Learn more)
Internet Connection
  • Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE, PPTP, DS-Lite (AFTR)
  • 3G/4G LTE dongle
  • Android Tethering
  • iPhone Tethering
Operating Mode
  • Wireless Router
  • Wireless AP
IPv6 IPv6 DHCP server/client, DS-Lite, 6in4, 6to4, 6rd, Dual-Stack, DHCPv6-PD, IPv6 Relay, FLET's IPv6
DHCP Server/client mode, client list, MAC address reservation
Maximum DHCP Reservations 500
LAN / WLAN IGMP Snooping
Network Address Translation (NAT)
PPPoE relay
Policy route
Static route
Maximum IPv4 Static Routes 100
Maximum IPv6 Static Routes 100
Diagnosis Tools
  • Ping
  • Traceroute
NAT Loopback (Hairpinning)
Maximum Number of Network Segmentation 5
Maximum Port Forwarding Rules 96
Maximum UPnP Rules 96
Maximum Port Triggering Rules 64
Minimum Port Triggering Timeout 30s
Maximum Port Triggering Timeout 3600s
Internet Ban, Device Speed & Priority
Maximum Device Rules 64
Maximum Application Rules per Device 32
Live View
Historical Statistics Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual
Website History
Application Detection
Country Auto Update
Traffic Analysis Period Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual
Export Formats .CSV, .HTML
User Profile 15
Network Profile 5
Customized Internet Schedule
Time Quota
IPv4 / IPv6 DNS-based Web Filter
  • Schedule
  • Database
  • Request to unblock
Customized Allow / Block List
  • Maximum blocked URLs: 200
  • Maximum allowed URLs: 200
Pause Internet
Safe Search Bing, Google, YouTube, Duckduckgo
Threat Intelligence Database Support in IPv4 & IPv6
Google Safe Browsing Support in IPv4 & IPv6
Database Auto Update Threat Intelligence Database, Google Safe Browsing, DNS-based web filter
Maximum Client VPN Access License 40
Site-to-Site VPN
Maximum Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels 20
Remote Desktop (RDP + VNC) 5
Connection List
Maximum Concurrent Download Tasks 20
Maximum Concurrent BT Download Tasks 20
DS router (Android/iOS)
  • First Time Installation
  • Network overview
  • Wi-Fi management
  • Wi-Fi system topology
  • Safe Access
  • Traffic Control
  • Network security (firewall, port forwarding, Internet ban)
  • Wake on LAN
  • System Update
VPN Plus (Android/iOS)
DS get (Android)
DS file (Android/iOS)
WOL over QuickConnect
Maximum Connected Devices 100
Free OS Upgrade
Configuration Backup & Restore
User Account Management
Apple Time Machine
Shared Folder Privileges
Storage Hibernation



Synology Router Portfolio

Below are the current available Synology Router solutions available in the brand’s portfolio and how they compare in hardware:




Class / band
compatible standards
AX6600 / Tri-band
IEEE 802.11ax / ac / a / b / g / n
AC2600 / dual band
IEEE 802.11ac / a / b / g / n
AC2200 / Tri-band
IEEE 802.11ac / a / b / g / n
Maximum communication speed
(5GHz band 1)


(4str / 80MHz)
(2str / 80MHz)
Maximum communication speed
(5GHz band 2)
1200Mbps incompatible 867Mbps
(2str / 80MHz)
Maximum communication speed
(2.4GHz band)
600Mbps 800Mbps
(4str / 40MHz / 256QAM)
(2str / 40MHz / 256QAM)
WAN terminal 1000BASE-T x 1 1000BASE-T x 1 1000BASE-T x 1
LAN terminal 2.5GBASE-T x 1 * 1
1000BASE-T x 3
1000BASE-T x 4 * 2 1000BASE-T x 1
USB terminal USB 3.0 Standard-A x 1 USB 3.0 Standard-A x 1
USB 2.0 Standard-A x 1
USB 3.0 Standard-A x 1
CPU Qualcomm IPQ6018
Arm Cortex-A53 4-core 1.8GHz
Qualcomm IPQ8065
Qualcomm Krait 300 2 core 1.7GHz
Qualcomm IPQ4019
Arm Cortex-A7 4 core 717MHz




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