Cheapest HDD For High-performance NAS

Cheapest HDD | For High-performance NAS

When building a NAS to be a web server or for virtualization – IOPS are very important. This means drives need to be constantly ready for read and write operations. Regular NAS drives slow down and hibernate and generally spin slower than Pro type of drives. This means, if there is no activity for a certain time, it might cost a few seconds to access the data. Pro drives like Gold, Red Pro, Ironwolf Pro, and HGST will ensure they constantly spin at 7200 and are ready to deliver your data instantly. Here is a price comparison between these high performing drives.

Hard drive price comparison list

WD Red Pro WD Gold Ironwolf Pro Exos Ultrastar® 7K4000
2TB Check
4TB Check
6TB Check
8TB Check
10TB Check
12TB Check



Cheapest HDD | For general use

Cheapest HDD | For regular NAS

Cheapest HDD | For High-performance NAS


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