New U24-612 24-bay NAS from terramaster

New U24-612 24-bay NAS from terramaster

High Scalability

Configure four DDR4 slots to support up to 16GB of memory modules with total memory up to 64GB; configure three PCI-E3.0 8X expansion slots for expansion of 10 Gigabit network cards (2 SFP + ports) and hard array RAID cards.

Fast and stable

Equipped with four network interfaces and the Link Aggregation function, the server access will not be interrupted even if a network interface fails online, greatly reducing the probability of online interruption without warning. In addition, the Link Aggregation function breaks through the limitation of network transmission speed of a single network interface and has the on-load balancing function of automatically balancing network traffic, thus providing stable data transmission for customers.


SSD cache technology

Hard disks, though large in capacity and cost-effective, are not as fast as SSDs. The use of SSD cache technology in hard disk arrays will optimize the response speed when accessing data and improve transmission performance by about 25%.


Server clusters

Using a server cluster, merge two TNAS into one cluster, with one server serving as a work activity server and the other as a standby passive server. The active server processes data requests and services while continuously replicating all content to the passive server. This provides a comprehensive hardware and data redundancy solution in the event of an accident.


Centralized storage, smart backup

You can backup the data of Mac, PC, USB external device and server to TNAS for centralized management. TerraMaster backup application supports data deduplication and incremental backup technology, greatly reducing storage space consumption.


Processor model Intel® Celeron® E3
Processor architecture 64-bit
Processor frequency Quad-Core, 3.3GHz (Maximum Turo: 3.7GHz)
System memory 8GB
Pre-installed memory module 8GB (1 x 8GB)
Total memory slot number 4
Maximum supported memory 64 GB (4 *16GB)
Storage Device
Diskette slot number 24
Compatible disk types 3.5″ SATA HDD
Maximum internal storage capacity 288TB (12 TB drive x 24) (Capacity will vary along with the RAID type)
Disk hot plugs
External Ports
RJ-45 1GbE network jack 4
USB 3.0 port 2
USB 2.0 port 4
File System
Internal disk EXT4
External disk EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+
Size (H*W*D) 440 x 550x 176  mm
Fan mode Smart, Fastest, Low temperature, Mute
Automatic recovery of power
Timing On/Off
Power supply / transformer 650W
AC input voltage 100V – 240V AC
Current frequency 50/60 Hz, Single frequency
Environment Temperature
Working temperature 5°C  ~ 40°C (40°F ~ 104°F)
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 60°C (-5°F ~ 140°F)
Relative temperature 5% ~ 95% RH
Maximum iSCSI Target 32
Maximum iSCSI LUN 256
Supported RAID types Single,JBOD,RAID 0,RAID 1,RAID5,RAID 6,RAID 10
Large capacity hard disk for expanding storage space RAID 1,RAID5,RAID 6,RAID10
File Sharing
Maximum local user’s account number 16000
Maximum local group number 512
Maximum shared folders number 512
Maximum shared folders syncing tasks 32
Maximum concurrent CIFS/AFP/FTP sessions 2000
Windows ACL integration
NFS Kerberos  authentication
Mail server, web server
Rsync remote server
FTP server, MySQL server
Cloud Station Server
Download Station
Media Server
DLNA Compliance
Network protocol CIFS、AFP、NFS、FTP. WebDAV. iSCSI. Telnet, SSH, SNMP
TNAS Supported OS Windows. Mac. Linux
TNAS OS Supported web browsers Chrome48; Firefox30, Internet Explorer 9,Safari(mac):4.5
TNAS Supported mobile devices iOS8.2, Android6.0
language English, Chineses, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean
Warranty 2 years
Environment Meet RoHS standard
Package contents: Host (x1)
Accessories package (x1)
Power line (x2)
RJ-45 network cable (x1)
Quick  Guide (x1)
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