QNAP Introduces QXG-10G2T-NXE, a Dual-port 5-Speed 10GBASE-T NIC

QNAP Introduces QXG-10G2T-NXE, a Dual-port 5-Speed 10GBASE-T NIC

The difference between the previous QXG-10G2T-107 is a faster PCIe connection. Instead of PCIe 2.0  (2GB/s) it is now PCie 3.0  X4  which performs 4GB/s.

As you may know, it will be still compatible with other PCIe types, but speed will be determined by the slowest link in the chain (Slot or a card).

The specs are:

2X 10GbASE-T ports (PCIe 3.0 x4)

Broadcom NetXtreme E series BCM57416 technology




Some more info from https://www.broadcom.com/


High-Performance, Feature-Rich NetXtreme® E-Series BCM57416 10GBASE-T PCIe 3.0 Ethernet Controller

Specification Value
Lifecycle Active
Distrib. Inventory No
Ordering Part # BCM57416B1KFSBG
PCIe Gen 3.0
Adapter Type ASIC
Link-Speeds 10/1GbE
Ports 2
TruFlow™ Yes
TruManage™ Yes
RoCEv2 Yes
Multi-Host No
Smart NICs No


Supported NAS:

Brand Model Specification
QNAP QXG-10G2T-NXE Dual-port (10GBASE-T) 10Gb network expansion card; low-profile formfactor; PCIe Gen3 x4
  • [6 Bays]
    • TVS-675
  • [8 Bays]
    • TVS-h875U
    • TVS-h875U-RP
  • [12 Bays]
    • TVS-h1275U-RP
  • [16 Bays]
    • TVS-h1675U-RP

This list may change!

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