Qnap release 100GbE card QXG-100G2SF-E810

Qnap release 100GbE card QXG-100G2SF-E810

Ultra-high-speed 100Gbps network connectivity



The dual-port QXG-100G2SF-E810 100 GbE network expansion card with Intel® Ethernet Controller E810 supports PCIe 4.0 and provides up to 100Gbps bandwidth to overcome performance bottlenecks. With iWARP/RDMA and SR-IOV support (Available soon), the QXG-100G2SF-E810 greatly boosts network efficiency, making it ideal for I/O-intensive and latency-sensitive virtualization and data centers. The QXG-100G2SF-E810 is a perfect match for all-flash storage to realize the highest performance potential for ever-demanding IT challenges.

  • 100GbE to 100GbE

    Use a 100GbE switch. Set one 100GbE connection as the main route and the other 100GbE as a backup route.

  • 100GbE to 4 x 25GbE (Available soon)

    Use a QNAP 25GbE switch (coming soon) and a QSFP28 to (4) SFP28 cable to connect the 100GbE port on the QXG-100G2SF-E810 to four 25GbE ports on the switch. Set a group of QSFP28 to (4) SFP28 connection as the main route and the other as a backup route.

Dual-port 100 GbE network expansion card
Controller: Intel E810-CAM2 (Driver required)
Connector: QSFP28
PCIe interface: PCIe 4.0 x16 (backwards compatible with PCIe 3.0 x16)
Transmission rates: 100Gbps
Maximum total bandwidth: 100Gbps
Supported operating systems: QTS 4.5.2 / QuTS hero h4.5.2 (or later; recommend an upgrade to the latest version); Windows (Driver required); Linux (Driver required)
Supported QNAP NAS: Models with PCIe slot(s) (1 free slot required)
Bracket: Low-profile bracket pre-installed; full-height bracket is bundled
Port and cable: QSFP28 DAC cable or QSFP28 OPTIC transceiver
Package Content: 1 x Network card; 1 x QIG; 2 x Brackets




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