QTS 5.0 release date is today

QTS 5.0 release date is today


QTS Build 20211001

Applicable Models

  • TS-X75, TS-531P, TS-X73A, TS-X90U, TS-X53S, TS-XA51, TS-XA82, TS-X89U, TS-X88, TS-X85U, TS-X85, TS-X82S, TS-X82, TS-X77, TVS-X71, TS-X53B, TS-X51A, TS-131P_231P_431P_X31+_X31K, TS-X35, TS-X31X, TS-X31P2, TS-X31P3, QMiroPlus, Mustang-200.


  • Storage & Snapshots now displays NAS model pictures in a new style.
  • Users can now enable guaranteed snapshot space during storage pool creation and set a snapshot schedule during volume creation.

Fixed Issues

  • QTS would display an incorrect warning message about connection failure after users added the default gateway to a virtual switch and then restarted the NAS.
  • QTS displayed several incorrect Korean strings in various places.
  • System Logs in QuFTP Service would always display 50 items per page even if users chose to display more items.
  • Qfile would not display the current task progress when copying, moving, compressing, or deleting files.
  • The NAS could not detect SSDs installed on the QDA-U2MP after firmware update to QTS 5.0.0.
  • Network & Virtual Switch could not update DynDNS after users added DynDNS as a DDNS service.

Known Issues

  • Twonky Server cannot function normally on the TS-h973AX running QTS
  • Cinema28 cannot display the media list.
  • Some applications cannot access the NAS when secure connection and TLS 1.3 are enabled. This is due to a known issue in the applications. We will fix this issue in upcoming app releases.
  • QTS 5.0.0 temporarily does not support certain file systems on external storage devices. To work around this issue, users can use HBS3 to back up files to external storage devices. Note that this workaround may require more CPU resources and increase backup task duration. We will soon fix this issue in an upcoming release.
  • macOS Finder takes a long time to display content in SMB shared folders when users connect the Mac to the NAS via Thunderbolt. This problem may be due to Mac device driver issues. It only occurs to Mac devices with Intel processors and macOS 11.3 (or later versions).
  • Thunderbolt write speeds are lower than expected in QTS 5.0.0.
  • QTS and QuTS hero with newer kernel versions do not support ATTO Fibre Channel adapters. If you have already installed an ATTO Fibre Channel adapter on your device, we do not recommend updating the firmware to QTS 5.0.0 or QuTS hero h5.0.0 for the time being.
  • QTS 5.0.0 temporarily does not support certain third-party applications, utilities, or services.
  • QRM+ temporarily does not support the TS-x32, TS-x32U and TS-x35A models running QTS 5.0.0. We will add support for these models in upcoming releases.
  • SNMP receivers cannot receive SNMP traps sent from ARM-based NAS models.
  • Users cannot update the firmware of the QXG-10G2T-NXE network expansion card after updating QTS to 5.0.0.
  • Network & Virtual Switch displays unexpected interface connection status and FEC status when users connect the following pairs of devices:
    • NAS with Mellanox network adapter + NAS with Mellanox network adapter
    • NAS with Intel E810 network adapter + NAS with Mellanox network adapter
    • NAS with Intel E810 network adapter + Mellanox switch
    • NAS with Mellanox network adapter + QSW-M5216 switch
    • NAS with Intel 810 network adapter + QSW-M5216 switch

Other Changes

SSD Profiling Tool
  • QTS no longer pre-installs SSD Profiling Tool by default. Users can install this tool in the App Center.
Control Panel
  • Removed support for USB printers.
  • Replaced SQL Server with MariaDB 5/MariaDB 10, which can be installed in the App Center.
  • Removed iSCSI Service from Service Binding in Control Panel. Users can now configure iSCSI service binding settings in iSCSI & Fibre Channel.
  • Qboost is no longer a built-in application of QTS. Users can choose to install Qboost in App Center.
App Center
  • To ensure system security, QTS now automatically disables applications that are not updated and that do not meet the minimum version requirements.
  • Removed support for the following applications, utilities, or services:
    • WebERP
    • GLPI
    • Vtiger CRM
    • Ragic Cloud DB
QVR Pro Client & QVR Smart Client
  • Starting from QTS 5.0.0, HybridDesk Station no longer supports QVR Pro Client (HDMI output). You can install QVR Smart Client on HybridDesk Station as the client software for your QVR Pro, QVR Elite, or QVP surveillance servers. Note that QVR AI Pack License is required for using QVR Smart Client. You can continue using QVR Pro Client on Windows or macOS as the client software for your surveillance servers to watch live views or play back recordings.
NVR Storage Expansion
  • Starting from QTS 5.0.0, NVR Storage Expansion is no longer supported.

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One thought on “QTS 5.0 release date is today

  1. Any idea when the 5.0 version for QUTS Hero will be released (the non-beta that is) ? The 5.0 version for the regular QTS has been here for some time now, but I’m using QuTS Hero because I’m using ZFS.