SkyHawk AI 20TB NVRs HDD

SkyHawk AI 20TB NVRs HDD

This manual describes the functional, mechanical and interface specifications for the following:
Seagate® SkyHawk® AI Serial ATA +Rescue drive models.
These drives provide the following key features:
 256 MB data buffer.
 7200 RPM spindle speed.
 Full-track multiple-sector transfer capability without local processor intervention.
 High instantaneous (burst) data-transfer rates (up to 600MB per second).
 Native Command Queuing with command ordering to increase performance in demanding applications.
 PowerChoice™ for selectable power savings
 Perpendicular recording technology provides the drives with increased areal density.
 SeaTools™ diagnostic software performs a drive self-test that eliminates unnecessary drive returns.
 State-of-the-art cache and on-the-fly error-correction algorithms.
 Support for S.M.A.R.T. drive monitoring and reporting.
 Supports latching SATA cables and connectors.
 Top Cover Attached motor for excellent vibration tolerance
 Worldwide Name (WWN) capability uniquely identifies the drive.
NOTE Seagate recommends validating the configuration with the selected HBA/RAID
controller manufacturer to ensure use of full capacity is supported


ST models. -ST20000VE000 and ST20000VE002

Bytes per logical sector – 512 (Default)


2.10.1 Annualized Failure Rate (AFR) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
The production disk drive shall achieve an annualized failure-rate of 0.44% (MTBF of 2,000,000 hours) over a 5 year
service life when used in Enterprise Storage field conditions as limited by the following:
 8760 power-on hours per year.
 HDA temperature as reported by the drive <= 30°C
 Ambient wet bulb temp <= 26°C
 Typical workload
 The AFR (MTBF) is a population statistic not relevant to individual units
 ANSI/ISA S71.04-2013 G2 classification levels and dust contamination to ISO 14644-1 Class 8 standards (as
measured at the device)
The MTBF specification for the drive assumes the operating environment is designed to maintain nominal drive
temperature and humidity. Occasional excursions in operating conditions between the rated MTBF conditions and
the maximum drive operating conditions may occur without significant impact to the rated MTBF. However continual
or sustained operation beyond the rated MTBF conditions will degrade the drive MTBF and reduce product reliability.




Drive specification ST20000VE000 and ST20000VE002
Formatted (512 bytes/sector)* 20TB
Guaranteed sectors (see Section 2.2)
Heads 20
Disks 10
Bytes per logical sector 512
Bytes per physical sector 4096
Recording density, KBPI (Kb/in max) 2470
Track density, KTPI (ktracks/in avg.) 482
Areal density, (Gb/in2 avg) 1146
Spindle speed (RPM) 7200
Internal data transfer rate (Mb/s max) 2899
Sustained data transfer rate OD (MiB/s max) 248 (260 MB/s max)
I/O data-transfer rate (MB/s max) 600
ATA data-transfer modes supported PIO modes 0–4
Multiword DMA modes 0–2
Ultra DMA modes 0–6
Cache buffer 256MB (262,144KB)
Weight: (maximum) 680g (1.499 lb)
Average latency 4.16ms
Power-on to ready (sec) (typ/max) 25/30
Standby to ready (sec) (typ/max) 25/30
Startup current (typical) 12V (peak) 2.0A
Voltage tolerance (including noise) 5V ± 5%
12V ± 10%
Operating ambient temperature (min °C)* 0°C (Ambient)
Operating temperature (max °C)* 65°C (Drive Reported Temperature) †
Non-Operating temperature –40° to 70°C (Ambient Temperature, see sections 2.6.1 and 2.14)
Temperature gradient (°C per hour max) 20°C (operating)
20°C (nonoperating)





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