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Online CCTV and photo server

I would like to use it for: Storing Photos centrally and streaming them to various devices. Storing a few files and recording CCTV off 2 IP cameras (possibly 4 in the future) The cameras would be recording on motion only so I estimate between 1-2GB would be plenty for CCTV. I would also like some […]

Recommended IP Camera for my Synology NAS 2018

Help choosing the best IP Camera for a Synology NAS NAS Devices from the big companies like Synology and QNAP are now remarkably mainstream. Being used in homes and businesses across the world for everything from backing up network devices and playing media over DLNA, all the way through to Plex Media Servers and Virtual Machines. […]

Cheap NAS for camera recording and editing +direct attachable

I will be placing the camera in the countryside viewing wildlife and powering with a very long Ethernet cable. purchasing from your video the RLC 422. I then need to review the images and record what I have seen ie number of birds deer etc. Once survey completed I may wish to use it around […]

What you need to know about IP Cameras for your NAS

IP Camera Compatibility and NAS in 2018 The subject of IP Cameras and NAS is a really tricky one to stay on top of. Despite my best efforts, the near weekly firmware updates that are rolled out by both Synology and QNAP on their own operating platforms, the individual Surveillance software and the cameras themselves, […]