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Synology DSM vs QNAP QTS – Which NAS is Better for You?

Synology DSM vs QNAP QTS NAS Software & Hardware Comparison When buying a NAS drive, it’s important to consider the software included with the purchase. Brands like Synology and QNAP offer different software designs, user priorities, and learning curves. Even if you plan to mostly use third-party software, you will still need to interact with […]

Synology VS QNAP NAS – Mobile Apps, Multimedia Steaming and Storage Control

Synology DSM vs QNAP QTS NAS Software & Hardware Comparison We continue with our comparison of the two biggest brands in Network Attached Storage (NAS) and after comparing how each brand presents their platform, how they differ in releases and hardware, then finally the web-based GUI. Today we are going to cover how Synology and […]

NAS Guide 2018 – UPDATED

A Guide to Choosing the Right NAS Choosing the right NAS for your needs is not always as easy as you would like. Often when purchasing your first NAS server, most of the decisions you make will be based on your understanding of home computers PCs and laptops. However, though a NAS server very similar […]