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Synology with a Smart ups – connect, manage, shut down?

How to connect Synology to a smart ups?   UPS An UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a backup power device that allows the Synology NAS to continue operating for a short time if power failure occurs. This function at Control Panel > Hardware & Power > UPS helps prevent data loss by giving the Synology NAS enough time to save data […]

An Idiot’s Guide to UPS’ – Understand and Choose the Right UPS for your NAS, Server or PC System

Choosing the right UPS for your NAS setup for Home and Business If your data is mission critical and your business or home life revolves around both access to you data, as well as maintaining the constant read and write of daily life, then like many people you may have looked into the option of […]

Great things from Areca at CeBit 2017 with the ARC-8050T3 and ARC-8042

The Areca family just got bigger CeBit 2017, with the ARC-8042 and ARC-8050T3 RAID Box Known to the long term professionals in data storage, Areca have been a feature of the data storage community for a number of years. They have really pushed the envelope in terms of connectivity and speed of your data. At CeBit […]

What is to be unveiled by Thecus NAS at CeBit 2017- Featuring the Thecus N2820, N2350 and N4910U Rackmount

Thecus NAS at CeBit 2017, here is what we know  Next up in our ongoing look at the big brands that are showcasing their wares at CeBit 2017, I want to talk about Thecus NAS. Thecus is a company that is all too often overlooked due to their not being the dominant force they once […]