Christmas and Boxing Day Sale on the Top NAS brands 2017

Christmas and Boxing Day Sale Deals on Synology, QNAP, WD and more

With Christmas and Boxing Day less than a week away, many NAS buyers are already starting to get itchy trigger fingers. Never fear. Below I have arranged the best NAS deals for Boxing Day 2017 and January Sales 2018 from each of the big brands on network attached storage. Of course, new deals are being added all the time, so I recommend you bookmark this and come back every few hours to see the new deals as and when they happen.

Synology NAS deals this Boxing Day 2017

The Biggest name in NAS, Synology is the go-to NAS brand for those that want an easy to setup and easy to use network attached storage device this Boxing Day 2017. With Christmas Deals on their 2017 and 2018 series of Diskstation NAS, it is recommended that bargain hunters buy early as deals are expected to be either time-limited or stock limited. 

Pros of Synology NAS
  • Most User-friendly
  • Mac and Windows Use
  • Many Mobile Apps
  • Fast install
  • Quiet Construction
  • Home & Business Use
IBSY-DX1215 Synology The Synology DS3617xs Price Drop
IBSY-418J Synology The Synology DS418J Price Drop
IBSY-718P Synology The Synology DS718+ Price Drop IBSY-118 Synology The Synology DS118 limited offer Click for the Latest Boxing Day Deals

QNAP NAS deals this Boxing Day 2017

Arguably the best NAS brand in terms of Hardware, QNAP has been in the business of NAS for many years and provide easily the best NAS for those that want to use popular connections such as HDMI, 4K HDMI, Thunderbolt and more. Arriving at a lower hardware cost than Synology typically, they are the NAS brand that you should consider to buy this Boxing Day 2017 if you have even a tiny bit of technical knowledge. Last year we say big bargains and sales in the 53A series, as well as the i7 and i5 enabled TVS-871 NAS. Keep an eye on QNAP this Boxing Day as we fully anticipate on seeing big savings on their turbo station A and B series, as well as the older Thunderbolt 2 NAS devices.

Pros of QNAP NAS
  • The Best NAS hardware
  • Mac and Windows Use
  • Many Mobile Apps
  • HDMI, Thunderbolt and more
  • Metal Construction
  • Home & Business Use
IBQ-453B-8G Qnap
The QNAP TS-453BPrice Drop
IBQ-451A-4G Qnap
The TS-451AClearanceIBQ-253A-4G QnapThe QNAP TS-253APrice Drop
IBQ-453A-8G Qnap
The QNAP TS-453APrice Drop
IBQ-473-8G Qnap
The QNAP  TVS-473limited offer
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Asustor NAS deals this Boxing Day 2017

Asustor is a NAS brand that has been around for a while, though not as long as Synology or QNAP. Their NAS mission is to provide the best possible price for hardware available in the market today. This Boxing Day we will be seeing a big, big clear out of their 2015 series of NAS. You will, of course, see a number of their 2016 and even 2017 series of NAS in the Boxing Day 2017 sales, but their range has not changed too much in hardware. However, their NAS software included free with any NAS this Boxing Day, has improved vastly and if you are looking for a budget NAS this Boxing Day, you will do well to keep an eye open for a bargain with Asustor. They are the brand for those looking for save a penny or two.

Pros of Asustor NAS

  • Low Price NAS
  • Mac and Windows Use
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps
  • HDMI and a Remote Control
  • Low Power Use
  • Compact Chassis
The Asustor 2-Bay Clearance

Asustor 4-Bay
Price Drop

Asustor 8-BayPrice Drop

Asustor Best 2-Bay
limited offer
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Buffalo NAS deals this Boxing Day 2017

Buffalo NAS has been around for almost as long as QNAP and indeed the brands have a lot in common in terms of chassis design. Likewise, they are the two leading NAS vendors for 10GBe connectivity. After that, the similarities end. With the exception of the Buffalo LinkStation series, the majority of their NAS are aimed at businesses and they are the choice for those that want uncomplicated business NAS storage for file use this Boxing Day. Featuring pre-populated NAS servers, if you need a NAS for your business with such enterprise features as 10GBe connectivity, 3 Year advance replacement warranty and rugged metal design, this Boxing Day you should consider Buffalo NAS.

Pros of Buffalo NAS

  • Great Price Vs Hardware
  • Mac and Windows Use
  • Enterprise NAS are metal
  • 10GBe on Terastation
  • Tiered home and Business software
  • 3 Year Warranty & Adv Replacement
The Buffalo 2-Bay Linkstation

Budget NAS

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Network Attached Storage

Drobo NAS deals this Boxing Day 2017

Drobo is a NAS brand that is heavily associated with Mac users, as well as photo and video editors around the world. heir NAS range boasts the lowest learning curve needed for any NAS brand. Thanks to a combination of easy RAID configurations with ‘BeyondRAID’, built in SSD Cache upgrade slots, internal recovery batteries on some models and fast warranty coverage, they are a popular NAS choice. Their range, however, is much smaller than most NAS brands so you will not see too many on the Boxing Day and Cyber Monday sales in 2017. Though if you see the Drobo 5N2 or Drobo 5D3 on a good Boxing Day offer, snap it up!.

Pros of Drobo NAS

  • VERY user-friendly
  • Low Power and Noise
  • Great Warranty Options
  • Mobile Apps
  • Tiered home and Business use
  • BeyondRAID RAID system
The Drobo 5N2 5-Bay Mac NAS
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IB-DRB810N Drobo Drobo B810N 8-Bay Business NAS

Extended Warranty

Thecus NAS deals this Boxing Day 2017

One of the first companies to break into the NAS server market for the home, Thecus NAS has been around a long, long time. What they lack in advertising and promotion of their brand, they make up for with an impressive array of NAS devices that suit home or business. The software ‘ThecusOS 7’ has grown a lot over the years and although isn’t quite as polished as QTS or DSM, it still holds up very well. If you are looking for a Boxing Day NAS deal, then don’t overlook Thecus NAS.

Pros of Thecus NAS

  • Great Price Vs Hardware
  • Mac and Windows Use
  • HUGE selection of Apps
  • HDMI and 10GBe
  • Mostly Metal Design
  • UPS enabled NAS 5-Bay
IBT-N8850 Thecus The Thecus Tower Clearance
IBT-N2810P Thecus
Thecus 2-Bay
BIG Price Drop
IBT-N16000P Thecus
Thecus RackmountPrice Drop
IBT-N4810 Thecus
Thecus 4/5-Bay
Limited offers
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WD NAS deals this Boxing Day 2017

Easily one of the biggest names in data storage, there is a lot to be said for WD Boxing Day Deals. WIth price drops on both WD NAS devices and the WD Red NAS Hard Drive range, they are easily one of the most well-known brands on this list. Their NAS range is mostly rather limited, with the exceptions of the PLEX and Transcoding Engine enabled WD PR2100 and PR4100 (which are in the Boxing Day NAS sale) but those looking for an easy, uncomplicated NAS device for their home, school, college, university or more, will find WD NAS a solid choice this Boxing Day 2017.

Pros of WD NAS

  • VERY fast setup
  • Mac and Windows Use
  • Plex and Milestone Support
  • Compact & Low Power use
  • Low Cost
  • NAS, USB and Thunderbolt Options
IENwmf3 WD WD MyBook Clearance
IENwmpr21-0 WD
WD PR2100
Price Drop
IENwmjb6 WD
WD MyBook DuoPrice Drop
IENwml32 WD
WD PR4100
limited offer
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NAS IP Camera Deals this Boxing Day

If you are considering a NAS this Boxing Day for your home or business, why not take advantage of the Surveillance software that is included for FREE with most NAS server devices. With it, you can connect multiple internet-based Cameras (IP Cameras) and then monitor your home/office and keep it safe, or just keep the insurance costs down! Below are the three most used IP Camera Brands out there. The majority are compatible with most NAS devices on the Boxing Day Sale but do check compatibility first to ensure that the IP Camera you buy this Boxing Day will work with your NAS.

D-Link IP Camera Budget IP Cameras Edimax IP Camera Mid-Range IP Cameras Reolink IP Camera Fully-Featured IP Cameras

What does Boxing Day mean?

When is all is said and done, Boxing Day means an extra day off to spend with your family and friends, visit another side of the family you didn’t get time to see on Christmas Day and put your appetite to the test by plowing through those leftovers.

But these days us Brits also celebrate Boxing Day bargain hunting, as major stores drop their prices to clear stock before the new year. We like to think of it as the day you give a gift to yourself!

What are Boxing Day sales?

Boxing Day is a shopping holiday where many retailers reserve some of their best sales for the year. It has become the most popular day for shopping in the UK. Discounts can range from anywhere between 25% to 80% off during a Boxing Day sale which is really the main reason why shoppers find it worth waiting for.

Bricks and mortar retailers like Target, David Jones and MYER are well known for having some of the best Boxing Day discounts. As part of a strategy to encourage people to go to their store they often have loss leading deals with products they will lose money on.

How did Boxing Day get its name?

Competing speculations about where Boxing Day got its name are many. The prevailing theory is that Boxing Day quite literally refers to “Christmas boxes”, another word for presents. The idea is that domestic workers and servants who worked on Christmas Day had the next day off to celebrate, and would give and receive boxed gifts for the occasion.

Are shops open on Boxing Day?

As a rule stores, shopping centres and retailers keep their doors open and their prices down on Boxing Day and wait for the crowds to come. There might be a few exceptions, as these days retailers start reducing items even before Christmas day itself, so it’s always best to double check if you are after something specific. If your favourite shop is not open on Boxing Day, or if you can’t stomach the crowds, take a look online instead.

When do Boxing Day sales end?

It really varies from shop to shop. Some shops will keep on reducing the price of their old stock until it’s all gone, while others will keep the sales to a strict deadline. In most cases, the best sales are available from 26 December until the first week of January.

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