Synology RS3621xs+, RS362RP1xs and RS4021xs+ NAS Coming Soon

Synology RS3621xs+, RS4021xs+ and RS362RP1xs NAS Revealed – a Bit!

Update 28/01/21 – Specifications on the RS3621xs+, RS4021xs+ & RS3621RPxs are now confirmed, click below to learn more

Good news for those of a business storage frame of mind that take their hardware seriously, Synology will later this month reveal their latest three entries into the powerful Rackstation XS series, the new RS3621xs+, RS3621RPxs and RS4021xs+ NAS. These all form the newest generation of 12-bay and 16-Bay solutions from the brand and serve as successors to the 2017 generation RS3617xs+, RS3617RPxs and RS4017xs+ that are widely considered some of the most powerful and performance-ready solutions that the brand provides (although recently overshadowed by the SA3400, SA3600 and UC3200 solutions of 2019/2020). Details on these three solutions are incredibly thin of the ground and what little we can assume that Synology will include on the next generation needs to be treated with a large pinch of salt. Still, there has been numerous mentioned of these three product models online, with a couple even highlighting new reports on the release window, estimated price and nature of the portfolio for Q1. So, first off, here some information from the site :

(Translated from the site)

“According to the annual plan, the company informed the Synology often replace the line model for next year. Below is the current model and the new model stop production alternative, as well as time planning new product, launches:”

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Now, we will always need to be objective and query how accurate this is, but even a casual search online shows these three product IDs being listed on a number of eastern eSites. Likewise, this is a pretty regular upgrade/follow-up release window for these ranges. Some  (myself included to a degree) that the 12-Bay solutions had been phased out in favour of the SA series last year. Looks like we were wrong!

What To Expect from the RS4021xs+, RS362RP1xs and RS3621xs+ Rackmount NAS

Unfortunately, the full hardware information on these three releases is still unavailable but given the early-ish announcement window we have seen online, I would not be surprised if the data sheets arrived shortly. Until then, we can make some educated guesses on the hardware architecture just based on the RS3621xs+, RS3621RPxs and RS4021xs+predecessors. So, we estimate that:

  • We will see an Intel 6-Core Processor at the very least, likely a Xeon
  • Each will arrive with 8GB of DDR4 ECC UDIMM memory, up to 64GB at the very least
  • Each model ID indicates that all three will support RX1217/RX1217RP Expansion chassis
  • Each model will feature 4 1Gbe LAN ports, but the two XS+ models will arrive with 10Gbe onboard
  • Each Rackstation will feature two Gen3 x8 PCIe Upgrade slots
  • Each of the 12-Bay models (RS3621xs+ and RS3621RPxs) are 88 mm x 482 mm x 724 mm and 2U rack height, whereas the RS4021xs+ is larger at 132.3 mm x 482 mm x 656.5 mm and 3U
  • All three Rackstations have a redundant PSU on-board, at 500W and 800W respectively
  • Each NAS will include a 5yr Warranty and effective lifetime software warranty
  • All three support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and the SSD endurance optimized RAID F1, but no support of SHR (no surprise at this level)

So, those are the things that we can be confident are either true, or are at least close to the mark. But there are still things we still wonder, such as does each system feature m.2 NVMe SSD cache bays? We will have to wait till the full announcement or if/when data sheets become available.

When will the Synology RS3621xs+, RS362RP1xs and RS4021xs+ NAS Be Released and How Much?

Even a casual google of these three Synology rackstation solutions will show you that prices and a release window have been stated online. Of course, all these will need to be treated with suspicion until a full official release from Synology, so, for now, they can only really serve as guidelines to help. Release windows though have all largely agreed on the end of the month, with several sites stating 28/01/21 (28th Jan 2021). However, this is always subject to change.

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So, to confirm, this site listed the price at the Synology RS3621RPXS – € 3,317.50 (TBC*), the Synology RS3621XSP – € 4,144.00 (TBC*) and the Synology RS4021XSP – € 5,177.50 (TBC*). Other prices shown online have differed higher and lower, which only again shows that you should WAIT till more official sources move forward on pricing and release.

  • To Be Confirmed, also may not factor in tax, logistics or any % added between suppliers and resellers in individual regions

So, until we have more concrete information on these new solutions from Synology, it is probably best to hold off doing anything proactive with your budget, or if you are in a pinch, the RS3617RPxs/xs+ and RS4017xs+ are still fantastically viable solutions. Stay tuned!

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