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I am a photographer/Videographer that has a growing small business. I am thinking of getting the new iMac Pro and wanted to revisit all my data needs. I would like to get something that is fast enough to handle 4K (eventually 8K) video files along with Hi Res photos. I work with the adobe suite if that matters. I would like to have 10gb/s speeds(or close to it), which would be nice to transfer data easily. I’m unsure which connection i should use on the imac. 10GBe or thunderbolt 3. I never had a NAS before so any info would be helpful. Thank you!

$2000 40TB+

Right now i work off of a 3gb/s internal 2TB ssd. The iMac comes with 10gbe connection so the NAS will also be a DAS. This storage solution would be used to work off of and archive data.

USA link

UK link


When choosing between Thunderbolt3 and 10GbE connection you need to understand that speed is limited by the slowest thing in the chain. Either hard drives are slow or connection to a computer or maybe even computer itself.

Before you look at the NAS options you need to decide how you are going to use this storage box. Is it going to be used to backup and store finished projects. Do you want to edit directly from a NAS. Do you want to share projects and have collaboration functionality. Do you want to also share them outside your local network over the internet.

If storage device will be used just for backing up projects and you will be the only user, then most likely DAS solution will be best for you. Using Thunderbolt you can quickly connect and backup your data. Speed will depend on a number of drives you have and on what speed they perform. If considering direct attached drive array storage device than popular option is Pegasus3 mac-OS Edition R8.

If planning to also edit directly from a storage array and if you are the only user to be editing than DAS solution will be better value for money. But if you have more people editing different projects you might consider NAS/DAS solution from Qnap. People can connect using Thunderbolt ports and/or LAN cable. This way you can share project between people in the building.

If you want to share your finished projects outside your local network, you will need a NAS solution with transcoding functionality. For 4K streaming over network or internet, you will need processor powerful enough doing it. Intel i5/i7 or AMD Ryzen processors during our tests have proven to cope with 4K very well.

The fail proof solution would be Qnap TVS-1282T3. It comes with 4 SSD bays for super-fast transfer speeds. This could be used for live editing. And 8 bays for regular hard drives for project sharing and archiving.


Where to Buy?

For free build and test service choose nascompares.com . Free pre sales and after sales support. No surprises just working solution right out of the box.

10Gb iMac performance

Up to 4TB SSD
3.3GB/s write performance
2.8GB/s read performance

On-package HBM2 replaces external VRAM, so the GPU can fetch data at up to 400GB/s.

Also supports Nbase-T industry-standard 1Gb, 2.5Gb and 5Gb, 10GbE link speeds.

iMAC improved speeds for:

  • Autodesk Maya 2018 3.4x faster Arnold render
  • Maxon Cinema 4D  1.8x faster real-time 3D performance
  • Build Time 2.4x faster build: Clang, LLVM, and compiler-rt using Ninja
  • OsiriX MD 5.1x faster 3D volume render
  • Wolfram Mathematica 2.8x CPU benchmark
  • Adobe Photoshop CC  2.3x processing of well-threaded filters
  • Pixelmator Pro 4.1x faster effects render
  • Logic Pro X 4.6x faster offline bounce
  • Logic Pro X 12.4x higher Sculpture track count
  • Final Cut Pro X 2.8x faster render speed
  • Compressor 3x faster 8-bit HEVC export

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