10Gbit NAS for postroduction 

We are a Team of two working in the postroduction industry working with lots of sequences.
We have been using the synology 1815+ so far. We never had problems with it.
But lately we are running out of storage and since 10GBE connection is out we are looking for a new NAS
giving us the speed upgrade we have been missing. But its hard to choose we always have been fans of Synology.

3000-4000€  around 70TB

Synology DS1815+ can be upgraded to 10GbE. But if you want some more stability and internal speed then you can look at their new replacement model for this. It is DS1819+ with ECC option (self error correcting RAM) and a PCIe slot for 10GbE upgrade or SSD cache card.

If you want something even faster, then you need to look at DS3617xs. It has 12 bays which can be used for HDD and SSD cache. It also comes with PCIe slot for 10GbE upgrade. And most importantly Xeon processor for increased data transfer speeds over the 10GbE or even dual 10GbE ethernet.

Compatible 10GbE upgrade cards for DS1819+ and DS3617xs


Find regulary updated NAS offers here
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