NAS and drives for mixed use of Storage and Surveillance

NAS and drive recommendation. I am looking at Synology 6 to 8 bay NAS for photography and general storage and possibly some virtual machines and maybe some limited video editing at a later date. I am looking to use iron wolf 3tb drives with one or two skywalk drive for surveillance station and maybe for video editing.

Can I mix the drives and allocate the skyhawk for survalence station and or video editing.

I currently have two 2 bay has in raid 1, one for local backup and the second for remote backup.

I was going for the 1817+ but wondered if I should look at the 1819+ looking to the future.

I am thinking of lan port aggregation using 1g in the short term possibly moving to 10gb if I upgrade my computer.

£1200 to £1400     8 to 12 TB


You can go for DS1618+ or DS1819+. Both of these can be upgraded to 10GbE later and come with multiple LAN ports. You can link aggregate them for faster bandwidth or load balancing.  This will be great for photo editing directly from the NAS. You can even set up iSCSI to trick some software that NAS is actually a physical disk in your computer. Both of these will also support virtual machines.

About the drives the rule is simple. If you want to use it for storage and also surveillance you can either create two RAIDs. One with NAS drives and other with Surveillance drives (for example 3+3 or 4+4). Or you can simply use NAS drives only. Surveillance will work great on these drives. You should not mix NAS and surveillance drives in the same RAID.

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