8TB dual bay NAS under 800 for backup and streaming

I am looking to get myself a NAS and have found it to be quite the jungle and would be thankful for any advice in the matter. I have eyed the QNAP and Synology NASes a little bit due to all the nice features they appear to have. However, I find it hard to sqeeze them into my budget when including hard drives.

The main purpose of the NAS for me would be to function as an “home-made” cloud service to continuously backup and sync with certain repositories on phones and PCs, as well as general storage. The sync (and or backup) process should if possible be autonomous, or at least easy to set up and apply. I also want the system to have some kind of safety in the form of a RAID setup.

The secondary use case would be to stream media to my devices (if possible). I have a lot of movies and music that I would like to be able to play or stream to my TV for instance.

A tertiary use case would be to work with media on the NAS, editing images etc.

Finally, it would be preferable with the possibility to sync some repositories on the NAS with my (relatively small) google drive or dropbox accounts to function as a backup for extra sensitive files. I,e,.

600 dollars   8 TB

If you need 8TB usable space – you can look at DS218play with dual 8TB drives. If you mean 8TB raw storage then you can get DS218+ with dual 4TB drives. The DS218play will cope very well with all the tasks you have described. But if you want some more future proofing then DS218+ will feel faster and will be able to multitask a bit better.

I am recommending Synology because you are mentioning photos. Synology has released their amazing Moments app which will organize and backup your photos from your computers and mobile devices automatically.

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