Mixing NAS drives desktop and Pro drives in Synology

NAS Drives.

I have an older Thecus N4100Pro NAS (4 Bay) that I am retiring and going to a 6 bay Synology DS1618+ which I already have and loading it to 32 GB RAM.

I currently have three WD RED Enterprise drives and a Seagate Desktop drive that I will replace when it dies. All of them at 2 TB. I need two more dives for the Synology.

I am looking at WD Red Pro. What are your thoughts on the RE4 versus the Red Pro? When I create a RAID6 I will be left with 8 TB of space which is plenty for me. Thanks.

$100-150 each   6 bay x 2 TB will be going to RAID6

Synology does allow you to mix different make and size drives. But I would still recommend mixing only similar kind of drives. Either all of them are NAS drives like WD Red or desktop or pro drives.

I am saying that because if some of the drives are slower 5900rpm drives and other are Pro 7200rpm drives then Pro drives will not get a chance to work at their top speed because of the other drives running slower.

It will work, but there is no benefit from getting Pro drives. You will just spend more money without noticing any speed increase. So simply get WD red drives and enjoy the Synology great performance.

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