A quiet rackmount Qnap NAS – comparison

A quiet rackmount Qnap NAS?

I use my QNAP TS-253Be exclusively for audio files (.wav, .dsf, etc.), but wish to move to a rackmount form factor. The TS-253Be is plenty quiet enough for my purposes—I can’t hear the fan unless I’m closer than 18 inches, and clients sit about 10 feet away.

Is there a QNAP rackmount NAS that is as quiet as the TS-253Be? I would be using SSD drives up to 2 TB inside.

Up to $1K. Minimum capacity limit: 2 bays, 4 TB each.

It seems like the TS-431Xeu will be the quietest Qnap Rackmount NAS. It is not as quite as desktop 2 bay, but it gets very close to it. You will find below a full list of Qnap measured noise level per every single rackmount they sell. Music is not very power demanding thing. This means that every single NAS will cope perfectly fine with any music file you want to stream. And SSD will improve metadata refreshing speed and general smooth user interface feels.



253Be 1253bu 853bu 431xeu
Power Consumption: HDD Sleep Mode (W)
13.07 34.2W 30.9W 14.42
Power Consumption: Operating Mode, Typical (W)
20.42 66.6W 52.1W 30.99
Noise Level dB(A)
16.7 28.1 dB(A) 28.2 dB(A) 20.3


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