Alternative to DS1620xs thoughts on the DS3018xs vs RS1619xs+

In your review you recommended the Ds3018xs as a current alternative to the DS1620xs. Any thoughts on the DS3018xs vs RS1619xs+ for performance and longevity given our uses outlined below?

The most similar NAS to DS1620xs which is available now is  RS1619xs+. It also features exactly the same processor, 4X LAN port and NVMe cache slots built in. Yes, it does not feature 2.5GbE LAN ports, it doesn’t make any difference unless you have 2.5/5/10GbE network in place. Dual power supply will ensure better up-time results preventing the NAS to go offline in case of faulty power supply. You will also need a server room at other place to keep this NAS, because it is one very noisy machine.

Having only 4 bays would require you to get bigger capacity drives, whereas other models come with 6 bays already. Performance wise DS3018XS is half as powerful as 19XS or 20XS. It makes a big difference if you want to use it for virtual machines.  The maximum virtual machines you can run on these three NAS are as follow:

DS3018xs : 4

DS1620XS : 8

RS1619xs+ : 8

If you have a quite room to keep the rackmount then I would get RS1619xs+. It has everything you would expect from Desktop model DS1620xs which no one knows when to be released. A desktop alternative would more likely be DS3617XS. I hope Synology will soon release their 10G+NVME card to put into it.

I hope this helps.

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