Best file share/file backup NAS with RAID1 for Mac and PCs

I am looking to buy a NAS that is fit for a home file share/file backup. I would like to use RAID 1 (redundancy) and have 4TB of storage available in a 2 bay enclosure. I have both Mac and PCs in the house. I work in IT so I should be able to figure out the configuration with some tinkering, I have little experience with NAS setup

There are two good options D218j and DS218+. If data backup and sharing is the only thing you need then DS218j is a good value for money choice. It comes with a free Dropbox alternative but this time with no limits. Multiple computers and mobile device folder synchronization and even fie version control to roll back the version even a month ago. It also comes with encryption functionality to hide certain folders from unwanted people even if NAS gets stolen. You can also stream videos to your network-enabled TV or mobile devices in the same network. Also, the photo app will amaze you how well it organized your photos albums by geographic locations and timeline. And there is so much more.
If you think you will stream video files on the go when you are away from home, consider DS218+ which comes with a transcoding engine. That means your full-size videos will be converted on the fly into a smaller video format so you can play them even with a slow internet connection – like YouTube.

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