4K editing NAS – 10GbE or Thunderbolt?

I’m searching for a NAS where I can store my 4k video files and also edit from.
I already looked into the QNAP TVS-871 and the Lumaforge Jellyfish mobile, but I have no experience or knowledge in this field. So maybe you could help me a little bit.

The best would be a 20-30TB storage and a fast connection to my MacBook Pro (2017 3,1 GHz Intel Core i5) and 2 other MacBooks. (10GB Ethernet? Thunderbolt 3?)

Jellyfish Mobile is a very expensive solution in comparison with a NAS. It will also be easier to set up because some editing software does not allow editing from network disk. But you still do it with iscsi enabled. The 10GbE is a more expandable solution if your team grows bigger then 6 users. TVS-871 with a 10G card installed will be a good solution. But there is newer and more popular solution available from Qnap. It is NAS/DAS – two in one- TVS-1282T3. It allows 4 directly attached users to edit just like on Jellyfish. And it also has 10GbE ports for others to connect and work at great speed even if they are located in a different office.

It also offers revolutionary tired storage technology. This automatically moves data on SSD or HDD drives – based on how frequently data is being accessed.

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