Best Photographer NAS with cloud backup

I am an enthusiast photographer. I want to invest in a NAS to store all my raw image files which can be backedup/protected by Raid 5 or 10 (ideally). In addition, I would like to backup to Dropbox or Backblaze as an additional backup option.

Is WD PR4100 for me? I see apps for Elephant Drive (max 1tb backup) or Amazon S3 in the WD software package. There is also a dropbox sync but see mixed reviews online in PR4100 ability to sync to 3rd party cloud providers.

WD is going to be a good fit for a task. It is very simple data storage solution with all data protection mechanisms you need including RAID5/10. If you want something more advanced like Geo-tagging, face recognition and object recognition, then you need to look at Synology. These advanced functions are very useful if you work with many different projects simultaneously and have hundreds or even thousands of photos. You can simply type in a beach – and Synology will find all photos with a beach. Or you can search for someones predefined name and it will find all photos featuring this person. This is just a tip of the iceberg of the things you can do.

DS418j – is a basic backup NAS with all functions mentioned above. It is not very fast, but good solution to start with.

DS418play – Will be a faster solution with some expandability options and also transcoding function for sharing projects remotely.

DS918+ – is the top of the range NAS made for speed and multi-multi user environments. It has better expandability options and performance upgrade options available.

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