Multi purpose NAS to last next 5 years

I’m looking for a NAS replacement for the following use. My small business (I’m a freelance Software Engineer)
Personal stuff (photos, music, Time Machine backups etc), A couple of IP cameras with recording facility.
Cloud backup to Amazon S3 of certain folders on the NAS.

I currently have both a Synology DS213 and a Windows Home Server. I quite like the look of the Synology DS918+. I was thinking of using a recently purchased 4TB WD Red along with 3 new drives of the same model to give me a RAID of around 12TB. I would also do the 16GB RAM upgrade as detailed on your site.

I love the Synology I have at the moment but it is sooo slow in responding and often locks up. I’ve had it 5 or so years so can’t complain. The Windows Home Server needs to be retired as MS are not doing updates anymore so it’s going to become a security issue.

DS918+ is a great choice. Even though it doesn’t have PCIe slot like DS1618+ for faster network card upgrade, it does come with dual LAN ports. This allows you to set up load balancing or even link aggregation doubling your data transfer speeds. I do like Synology innovations with dual NVMe SSD slots for super fast caching. That is useful for database/web server or virtual machines or simply multi-user environments. You can back most important folders to the cloud using Amazon S3 or C2 or other service providers. A useful feature to keep your safe from disasters like fire/flood etc. You can also use your old NAS for real-time replication service. So all data will automatically synchronize with other NAS. So if disaster strikes, you can still access data from other NAS. There are so many other things which will surprise you especially when you have very good performance NAS like DS918+ or even DS1618+.

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