Best value for money Video editing NAS for 3 workstations

I’m looking to purchase a NAS device that can allow for multiple work stations for video editing to store their video on the device WHILE editing the video. and then archive all of the projects and video in one place.
The objective is to consolidate all media into one archive and access/edit files from the archive from any workstation in the LAN.
I need to be able to access and pull video in real time for at least 3 workstations. A single video file at the codec we use is 50MB per second.
It would also be ideal if the NAS can injest and transcode media files by itself.
automatic Metadata tagging, and search functionality would also be a huge plus.
There are special vendors who sell products tailored for this, but they charge too much for their proprietary bundled software solutions that I don’t care for. I’m looking for more storage for my $, without sacrificing speed or reliability.

In the case like this, you need to look for possible bottlenecks. In this case it’s LAN. You need at least 2 LAN ports on the NAS (more likely 4x) or preferably switch to 10GbE network (which is not that expensive anymore). I would suggest getting DS1618+. It comes with 4 smart LAN ports – converting your switch into a smart load balancing switching device. All users will automatically will be given separate bandwidth stream maximizing transfer speeds. It will cope with Full HD video transcoding if you need to access them over the internet. But if you need 4K then DS3018xs comes with faster processor capable of 4K video transcoding.

But if the budget can be stretched even further then most popular NAS choice between editors is Qnap x82 series. It comes with 10GbE upgradability, SSD cache and even auto-tiering storage option. But that is quite a bit more expensive solution.

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