Best way to move drives and data from a broken NAS to a new one

So for the last 10 years I have been using the QNAP TS-212. Then tragedy. the plug must have dislodged and it started melting in the socket. Goodbye TS-212. (I put the waft of burning plastic down to a neighborhood yard fire – silly me) The interior wasnt burnt and I have yet to test the drives but I think they should be ok (set up in RAID 1).

So I think I want to go with the TS-230 or DS220j but then I figure I could go with the DS220+. I suppose my only reasoning is the potential for future software upgrade stability.

Anyway, going off track here sorry…. My two drives… if I buy a new NAS, and just put the drives in, I believe it would wipe them clean and do a format – correct? If so, what are my options for retaining my data. I suppose one option would have to be to copy the data from one of the NAS drives to a separate drive (on my PC), install the two drives and then copy the data back to the NAS drive. Unless there is a better way? Any help is appreciated.

Yes, you have two options. One is getting another Qnap and move drives there without resetting the data. Just be careful to select an option to migrate and not have a clean install.
Another option is to connect one drive to a PC and use another drive to set up a new NAS. Then copy all data to a new NAS from the PC with secondary HDD connected. When that is done, add a second drive to your NAS and expand to a RAID1. If there is enough space on a PC you can set up a new NAS using both drives.

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