Disk upgrade in single drive NAS

Disk upgrade in single drive NAS

Again first off thanks for your Channel – It’s been a great help so far.
I’ve a DS118 with a 4TB WD Red installed working away with the RC of DSM 7.0
I’m using this primarily as a backup for my main DS720+ (SHR with 2 x 4TB) but with other storage its sitting at around 40% higher usage than the main NAS. I’m thinking now would be a good time to upgrade to a larger drive.
Is my best option to backup the DS118 config to the cloud (and another location), then Backup the volume data, do a fresh install with the new drive and restore from backups? Is there any way to restore the volume from the original disk without needing another 4TB drive (actually 3TB would cover it atm) to host the backup – no I don’t have enough spare capacity on the 720+??

Yes, there are few options.
1. Use another USB 4TB drive to backup your data and settings via Hyper backup. Then restore from this.
2. Use BackBlaze to sync with a cloud and restore from there
3. Use a Linux station or use Linux or https://www.reclaime.com/ software to see all data on the disk from a 1-bay. Restore using a PC as a gateway.

Having an external disk would be the fastest solution to migrate.
Having a cloud would probably be the cheapest but also the slowest option.
Using a gateway PC would be the cheapest but most complicated option.

I hope this helps:


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