can I have my iMacs on two separate networks at once with Qnap B series

453b bs 453bt3. I have a classroom with 5x 2015 macs and one windows machine. We do mostly video and video editing. Would like a central place to store all the footage. Would like to be able to save with SD card on B, but also like the option of high speeds transfer on BT3. I do not have access to my network settings in a classroom. If I get bt3 can I have my iMacs on two separate networks at once, adhock for qnap storage and one for WiFi for classroom Internet? Thanks for any help or advice.


Choosing Qnap Thunderbolt option is very popular because people do not need to upgrade to 10GbE network. But problem is that you are limited to two connections. If you need more connections then it is better to go for regular Qnap 453B series with a 10GbE card installed. This will allow much more connections, just need to get a 10GbE switch. It is not very expensive nowadays.

And yes you can connect to two separate networks or even more. Qnap allows you to configure each LAN connection separately with different settings. Qnap also does something called virtual switch which is also very handy when having a different kind of networking requirements.

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