Can I plug directly a NAS to my smart TV with Ethernet to watch movies?

So, can you tell me if I can plug directly a nas to my smart TV with ethernet to watch movies? Because I don’t have an ethernet network at my home… If I can do that it will be great.
If I can’t, I was thinking about a device like QNAP TBS-453DX but it’s very pricey… I found just this one because the others don’t have a 2.0b HDMI for HDR support.
I want to plug the device to a cpl too, so I can put my movies in it directly from a pc through the network. The cpl is great but not enough for stream 4K HDR.


You could plug it directly to a TV via Ethernet thanks to a Qnap virtual switch. But you would also need to figure out how to control the media. So before you connect, do connect it to your computer and set it up (things like DLNA or Video station app) so that TV could see media on your NAS. Then you could control it this way. If you had a WiFI access point connected then you could control content from your phone.
Otherwise, simply choose a NAS with HDMI port.
I hope this helps.



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