Cheapest NAS that will give me the ability to store, view and auto back up photos from phones

NAS for home photos and videos.

I am looking to buy a NAS to centrally store photos and videos using RAID 1. I think a 2 bay is sufficient. I currently don’t want to use it for a media center but I may in the future but it’s not crucial. I require the ability to use USB to back up to and from the NAS unit. I like the idea of future proofing so I will be grateful for your advice?

What is the cheapest NAS that will give me the ability to store, view and auto back up photos from phones? I like the idea of a Synology unit for the simplicity of use but open to other brands. If I spend more than necessary what unit can you suggest without going overkill?

The only future proof 2-bay NAS is a DS718+. It can be expanded up to 9 drives. You can also increase the RAM up to 16GB. This is all great if you use most of its functionality. Otherwise, You can still look at the DS218+ which can have additional drives added as a second volume. And it also can have some extra RAM installed allowing you to run even more apps simultaneously.

Te cheapest NAS to store, view and automatically back things up from your mobile devices is DS218j. It is not very future proof NAS as well as it is not very fast. But slowly it will do all the things you want. But I would personally choose at least DS218play as a budget option. It will be a faster option compared to J series.

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