Cheapest TV that can access your files via NAS?

What is the Cheapest TV that can access your files via NAS?

Any smart TV will be able to stream any video from your NAS. The easiest way to tell whether TV is smart – look for a network port (very same that you use for a PC or Laptop).

The only question is what kind of videos you want to stream- accordingly you need to choose right TV:

Cheapest HD TV

The HD and Full HD is still the most popular and common video format. Full HD or also called 1080p resolution is good enough to display very sharp and clear pictures on up to 42inch screens.

List of 1080p Smart TVs

Cheapest 4K TV

The 4K resolution is becoming more and more popular because TV screen size has grown up to 60incehs and more. This where HD pictures might look little grainy. The 4K video will use more pixels and ensure the video is sharp and nice to watch.

List of 4K TVs

Cheapest 4K HDR TV

The 4K HDR is new generation ultra definition resolution with improved 10bit color depth (sort 50shades of each color). This makes videos look much more life-like. These TVs are easily definable with its HDMI2.0 port at the back. But you also stream such content over the network.

List of 4K HDR TVs

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