What’s a good cheap Media player that can access your files via NAS

What’s a good cheap Media player that can access your files via NAS?

If you have any kind of smart TV – it will see the NAS as DLNA or PLEX server and will let you stream any video from it. Alternatively, you can turn any TV into a smart TV using one of the methods below:

Best Media Players | DLNA devices

This will be the cheapest way to enable your TV to stream the content from the NAS. Cast directly from the Qnap NAS or use a phone as a remote to play a video from the NAS.

Cost- 10-20$

Best Media Players | Amazon Fire TV

You can choose between HD and 4K media sticks.

It also lets you install other apps and let you control it using your voice.

Cost 35-65$

Best Media Players | Chromecast

Stream any videos from the NAS, mobile or computer (Also mirror the screen). You can choose between HD and 4K options.

Cost – 30 -70$

Chromecast | eBay



Best Media Players | Android TV

 Not only you can stream media from the NAS but also install your favorite Android apps. There will be HD and 4K options available.

Cost 30-50$

Best Media Players | Roku players

Stream media from the NAS and also install the apps. You can choose from HD and 4K models.

Cost 30-80 $

Best Media Players | Apple TV

You can choose between Full HD or 4K TV. Apple is not the cheapest way to turn your TV into a network-enabled TV. But it comes with a number of other functions like screen sharing, app installation, and movie rental services. It cost around 100 for FHD and 165 for the 4K version.

Cost 100-200$

apple tv 4k | eBay

Best Media Players | Nvidia Shield TV

Not only you can stream from the NAS, but also install apps and even use it as a game console with free games. It also supports video transcoding for remote streaming.

Cost 170$



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