Plex NAS with HDMI & SPDIF controlled via handheld remote

Which HDMI 2.0 NAS connected to my TV (and to my Amplifier via SPDIF) would enable me to use a handheld remote (either TV/Amp remotes or NAS remote) to view/listen to my media on Plex server via HDMI (ie. bypass the router latency/bottleneck)?

Since 2005 I’ve been running a Windows Media Center PC connected directly to my TV (HDMI) and my Amplifier (SPDIF digital optical or COAX) and I’m looking for a similar setup to a NAS running Plex.

Specifically, I’d like to use my Logitech Harmony 650 remote to control the Plex interface.

The cheapest solution will be getting an Asustor HDMI2.0 NAS such as AS6302T (Price- ). It will feature HDMI, LAN and even SPDIF optical and an IR remote connection. You can use Logitech Harmony remote (or hub) to control the Asustor NAS (also Qnap). Or you can get a Harmony hub and control your harmony from your phone or even Google Home or Alexa (adding voice control on your harmony remote).

Asustor Portal – control HDMI connected NAS with a remote (PLEX, Netflix and more)

Control you harmony with Google Home 

Control you harmony with Alexa


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