Codec advice for H.265 transcoding on home NAS

Codec advice for H.265 transcoding on home NAS. I am interested in getting a home NAS for various uses, one of which is to serve as a media server for all of my home’s devices. As a means of future-proofing, I’d like to ensure that this NAS can handle real-time hardware-based transcoding of H.265 video files. I’ve been looking at the QNAP TS-453Be and the Synology DS918+. I was reading more about hardware-based transcoding and came across some forum complaints about QNAP not supporting some of the common audio codecs that accompany these video files. The complaints seem a little dated, so I was wondering if NAScompares has had any experience with these issues. I’m leaning towards the QNAP device with the exception of this issue.

The J3455 quad-core CPU is powerful enough to cope with both H264 and H265 formats. We have even tested 10 simultaneous video streams being transcoded using Qnap Video station app and even 4K. It supports the same audio formats as Synology NAS. Synology is a more popular choice because of the other apps you get included for free. But 53b series will be a more future-proof choice. It does have HDMI port and a PCIe slot for future 10gbe or cache card upgrade.

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