Raid together 2.5 inch SSDs AND m.2 SATA SSD- Qnap hs-453dx

Great review of the Qnap hs-453dx!
2 questions:
– If I get 2x2TB 2.5 inch SSDs + 2x2TB m.2 SATA SSDs of the same brand like Samsung 860 evo or WD
blue, would the system be able to RAID them?
– Would aftermarket 2x8gb memory SODIMMS work? And is memory above 8gb necessary/useful on a NAS?

Yes, this is one amazing NAS. The M.2 and regular SSD drives cannot be RAIDED together. But you can create separate RAIDs and enable tiered storage. This virtually joins all storage together.
The aftermarket RAM will indeed work and will be required if you are planning to run several different servers and apps simultaneously in the background. This is when you quickly run out of memory.

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