Dell tower server (T610) domain server alternative

I am currently running a DS415+ that I’ve had for three years. It has served me very well and I have no issues with it. I am also running a Dell tower server (T610) that manages my domain and runs my network routing functions. I have grown tired of paying for all of the electricity required to power the big Dell and would like to change that out for another Synology.

In terms of Synology uses, I use Video Station and Plex (interchangeably), and Surveillance Station to manage my IP cameras. When I get rid of the Dell, I will add a file server to the list as well to manage my family’s personal files.

I will have six free 4tb drives and two free 2TB drives when i get rid of my Dell and am wondering what your opinion would be for the best new synology to put my drives in. Do i buy an eight bay unit or do i buy two 918+s, as an example. Would love to hear any feedback you’d have. Thank you for your time and i look forward to your response.

$1k give or take $500       ~20TB

As you probably know, with Synology you can mix different size drives allowing you to maximize the storage space.  Also, the power consumption will be much lower then on Dell with a Xeon inside., especially if you use energy efficient WD red or Ironwolf drives.

Two DS918+ will consume the same amount of energy as would the 8 bay ds1817+ or six bay ds1618+. If you have 10 or more users relying on this NAS then I would recommend keeping things separate and have 2 NASes. Otherwise, you would get more from your money if you get ds1817+. You can easily manage your domain from your NAS and so other things simultaneously.

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