NAS and Switch on a 10 GBE network

NAS and Switch on a 10 GBE network.  My wife and I are amateur photographers who work on 1 Gbe network. I would like to set up a 10 Gbe network at our private office. We work with photo and some video editing. We will buy 2 iMac pro and need recommendations for switch and NAS. I have looked at QNAP TS-453BT3-8G 10GbE, but then I’ll see your video on youtube about QNAP HS-453DX-8G. This seems very interesting. We want the fastest possible speed on the network when we work. Can you come up with some recommendations on NAS and Switch. Can you say something about recommended sizes and types on HDD and SSD (cache). If there are other things we need to take into account when creating a 10 GB network, then we appreciate if you can say something about it.

2-3.000 pound    6TB NAS

When creating the fastest data storage solution you need to identify all weak points in the chain. Upgrading to a 10GbE will potentially allow you to increase transfer speeds up to 10times or more with link aggregation. But the slowest thing will be hard drives or network ports on your PC or MAC. If you can you can get fewer SSD drives. They cost a few time more than HDD but they do deliver speed. Another option is to go for 4-8 regular drives to get a similar speed to an SSD solution. More drives will mean more speed.

I would recommend to stick with Qnap products. If you get TS+453BT3 then you can save on a switch because you can directly connect to your NAS. If you prefer or you have to work from two different offices then 10GbE option will be handy. You can buy Qnap own 10GbE adapter and a Qnap 10GbE switch. All of this will be under Qnap umbrella and will work beautifully together.

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