ReadyNas RN214 alternative

ReadyNas RN214.  I am looking at the Ready NAS RN214(diskless) I use the NAS for general storage and streaming media, music and video etc none of which is 4k etc i use readynas duo v1 currently but have exceeded the 2tb limit i was given 2 3tb ironwolf drives (which won’t work on the duo due to size) and am looking to upgrade i am considering a 4 bay as it gives more future proofing and raid options.

I use the NAS largely through my (Linux) Laptop and (Linux) pc with very little phone access, although i would like to view files and upload from anywhere but not necessarily stream media.

what are your thoughts on this NAS in terms of VFM what alternative is available for the money, a lot of people rave about Synology but these seem quite expensive and possibly overkill for my needs what are your thoughts? what would you suggest as an alternative to the RN214 in a 4 bay.     £300

It is a good choice and value for money within this budget. You can easily share your multimedia content in your local network. Dual LAN port ensures that you can enable load balancing or even link aggregation in the future if you want to increase data transfer speed. It comes with all popular RAID options. So you can choose to have one or two drive failure protection. DS418j or ds418 would be a slower option but would also do all that you want. But if you think you won’t use all those apps, then spending more cannot be justified.

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