Compatible GPU card for Qnap

Bought the 673A and got it up and running. Today I installed a Crucial 32GB module with the original 8GB and they seem to be working fine. Final question, if that’s ok.

What GPU should I buy for it? I’ll be using it for Plex and in the future for surveillance. So far Plex works fine as no transcoding is required for any of my content, but I do use the DVR so it would be nice to transcode the .ts files to .mkv.

Obviously I don’t want to spend more than necessary, so any tips for GPU? I’ll looked around and this place seems to have the ASUS in stock for £151.




picked up a PH-GTX1050TI-4G card used on eBay and now the HW transcoding is 7-8x faster and watching 4K HEVC stream works without issues.


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