Backup NVR system to a NAS

Hello. I have a Hikvision NVR and recently purchased a Synology 920+ with the hope that I can run backups of the NVR video files to the 920+. The NVR can use NAS connected folders to record live video but I’m not seeing a way to backup to NAS folders using the built-in AutoBackup. But, there is a nice remote backup tool from Hikvision that runs on Windows to backup video files. Having said that, I’d rather not have a PC running 24/7 just for the Hikvision backup.

Question 1: Is there an easy way to migrate/convert a Windows .exe file to a Synology package that I could the run on the 920+ ?

Question 2: Would it be better to spin up a Windows 10 VM on the 920+ and run the .exe from there? Have the standard 4GB RAM on the NAS.


If those cameras are network-enabled with an IP address, you should be able to connect them to your Synology Surveillance Station app. You could then record directly on the NAS.
Otherwise, you can install Windows VM and run a backup app from there.

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